"We had a notion of what we wanted to do, but Venti Productions made it happen. Kimberly, is fearless about approaching jobs they’ve not done before. She is inventive, organized and personable.. Kimberly has shown diligence and dedication to not only to finish work on schedule, but also create a terrific outcome that exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Kimberly and Venti Productions."

-David Zeeck, President  of  TNT, McClatchy 


"I first began collaborating with Venti Productions while at Radio Disney and  it has been my pleasure to continue growing our relationship. Venti responds promptly, always thinks of the best way to maximize results, and has amazing customer service skills. Venti  excels in problem solving onsite and will do whatever it takes to ensure success. I look forward to many more positive experiences with Venti Productions."

-Michele Hathaway, Amazon Adversting

"I highly recommend partnering with Kimberly of Venti Productions. She has amazing business savvy and knows how to stage and market  like no other. Her attention to detail is second to none and she goes above and beyond to over-deliver for all of her business partners to ensure that everyone achieves the results they are looking for and then some."

-Diana Moses, The Walt Disney Company





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